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Last revised:
23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Official Signed Statement
Notre-Dame Hospital Internes

Le Devoir, Saturday June 16, 1934, p. 3

  1. This year, the number of senior internes having passed from 10 to 15, and the number of junior internes having decreased from 51 to 36 over the past year, it would have been logical for the hospital to make known its future needs by public notice, as other hospital do, and by so doing to have fulfilled its need without resorting to foreign elements.
  2. As to the public statement of the hospital to the effect "that no French Canadian application has been received", in truth we must state that at least one has been submitted, that of Dr. Trépanier.
  3. The internes’ official petition, unanimously signed on May 29, was forwarded to the medical council (regrouping some heads of services) and requested that the hiring [of Dr. Rabinovitch] be revoked. However the communiqué of the authorities does not state that this petition was first submitted to the Medical Board (regrouping all of the doctors of the hospital) which supported it by a vote of 25 against 4.
  4. The Notre-Dame Hospital claims that the hiring of Dr. Rabinovitch was effected to fill a vacancy. What should one think of this claim when one of the most important doctors at the hospital declares that the hospital could make due with a smaller number of internes, and that others state that the hospital could dispense with them altogether?
  5. Notre-Dame Hospital claims that not a single French Canadian doctor could be found to fill the fifteenth senior-interne post, and that consequently it had to accept Dr. Rabinovitch to fill the position. However, since yesterday, and in consequence of the resignation of the 14 French Canadian doctor-internes, the hospital is seeking applications to these positions. However, if the hospital could not find a French Canadian for this position, how will it now find 14? One is led to believe that these 14 positions will be filled by 14 more Jews.
  6. Our position remains what it has always been.

Signed: Geo. Whissell, M.D.

L.-P. Demers, M.D.

L.-P. Belisle, M.D.

A. Robert, M.D.

M. Lynch, M.D.

J. R. Titley, M.D.

Esdras Autote, M.D.

J. Gervais, M.D.

V. Brassard, M.D.

J.-B. Trépanier, M.D.

Alfred Larocque, M.D.

Hugo Valiquette, M.D.

G. Beaudoin, M.D.

Roland Christin, M.D.

R. Lanthier

P.-E. Laurin

A. Valois

Maurice Foisy

Raymond Simard

G. Paiement

Laurent Trudeau

J.-B. Desrochers

Upton Savoie

Paul Guénette

Albert Derome

M. Bergeron

L.-P. Millette

Paul Pion

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