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Last revised:
23 August 2000

Documents on the Controversy Surrounding the Language of Commercial Signs in Quebec (Bill 178) December 1988

  1. The Legal Clauses at issue

  2. Extracts from the Decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the Language of Signs in Quebec

  3. The Canadian Press Summary of the Supreme Court Decision on the Language of Signs

  4. Reactions to the December 15, 1988 Supreme Court Decision on Commercial Advertising and on the Language of Signs (Newspaper Headlines and Documents)

  5. Text of the Notwithstanding clauses in the Canadian Constitution and the Quebec Charter of Rights

  6. The Nationalist Arguments for the Use of the Notwithstanding Clause:

6.1 Guy BOUTHILLIER, Manifesto of the Mouvement Quebec Français

6.2 Rosaire MORIN, Is the British Minority of Quebec Mistreated?

6.3 Jean-Louis BOURQUE, Bill 178, an Unacceptable Deregulation

6.4 Gaston CHOLETTE, Individual Rights Cannot be Considered as Absolutes

  1. The Anglophone Viewpoint on the Supreme Court Decision and the Use of the Notwithstanding Clause:

7.1 Editorial in the Montreal Gazette "With Justice to All"

7.2 Editorial in the Montreal Gazette "Inside-Outside Dilemma"

7.3 Editorial in the Toronto Globe and Mail "The Language of Signs"

7.4 William JOHNSON, "Anglo-Quebec Must Start all Over Again"

  1. Moderate Francophone Critical Voices:

8.1 Gilles LESAGE in Le Devoir "The Anglophone Representatives. Resignation would Aggravate Confusion in their Community"

8.2 Benoit LAUZIÈRE in Le Devoir "French Everywhere. But Without Infringing on the Rights of the Other Communities"

8.3 Benoit LAUZIÈRE in Le Devoir "The Solution of Mr. Bourassa"

8.4 Paul-André COMEAU in Le Devoir "Manitoba and Meech Lake. Quebec Punished for Using the Notwithstanding Clause"

  1. The Government Response: Text of Bill 178
  1. The Debate in the National Assembly over Bill 178:

10.1 The Argument made by the Government side:

10.11 Robert BOURASSA

10.12 Claude RYAN

10.13 John CIACCIA

10.2 The position of the Parti Québécois:


10.3 Anglophones Voting Against the Government:

10.31 Joan DOUGHERTY

10.32 Herbert MARX

10.33 Clifford LINCOLN